Top 10 French Movies to Watch

Top 10 French movies to watch

10 must-see French movies!

Watching movies is a great way to learn French! For a few months now, we have been compiling French movies for you in our Pinterest page.

Choosing just 10 movies was not an easy thing but we managed to make this list for you. Don’t forget to put the subtitles on!

Our advice: if you have an elementary level in French, we recommend to opt for subtitles in your mother tongue. You will understand the movie and still recognize words you will have learned in your French class.  For students with intermediate level or above, please, choose French subtitles!!

Below are the movies teachers and students liked the most. EnJoY!

1. Intouchables


Everyone agreed to say this is the best French comedy they’ve seen for many years. Music is great and actors are definitely awesome. You will have a good laugh!

“Intouchables” is absolutely moving. It highlights the blossoming friendship between an unlikely duo: a French millionaire in a wheelchair and his ex-criminal caretaker.

2. Le dernier trappeur

Documentary, Adventure.

If you like great landscapes and nature, you must watch this movie. Easy to understand, reconnect with nature and travel to Yukon!

“A trapper and his wife brave the harsh Yukon climate, treacherous landscape and dangerous wildlife in an attempt to live a life of solitude.” (Imdb)

3. L’auberge espagnole

Comedy, romance.

The story of Xavier, a French student, who moves into an apartment in Barcelona with six other students from Europe. If you ever travelled for your studies and enjoyed an international environment, this movie will definitely talk to you!

4. La vie d’Adèle

Drama, Romance.

Great movie, not easy to describe… let see what IMDB says about it:

“Adèle’s life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire and to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself, and ultimately finds herself through love and loss.” (Imdb)

5. Les choristes

Comedy, drama.

A touching movie about a music teacher and his young students from a boarding school. Beautiful music and images, we all cried! 🙂

6. Le dîner de cons


A very funny comedy from the 20th century with fast and striking dialogues, bright characters, inventive plot. Un classique!

Pierre and his friends organize “Un dîner de cons”. Everyone brings the dumbest guy he could find as a guest. Pierre thinks his champ -François Pignon- will steal the show.

7. Polisse

Crime, drama.

A strong and realistic drama. Don’t watch it on a rainy and grey day…!

A journalist covering police is assigned to a juvenile division.

8. La famille Bélier

Comedy, romance.

La Famille Bélier” is a comedy easy to understand.

A girl who lives his her deaf family in a small village discovers she can sing beautifully.

9. Être et Avoir

Documentary, family.

Delightful and cute!

A one-room school in rural France with kids between 4 to 11 who are taught by a single dedicated teacher.

10. Kirikou et la sorcière

Animation, adventure.

Not a Disney nor a Pixar! A French animated movie taking place in Africa. Great to learn French!

Kirikou, a surprising baby, is born. Follow his adventures to free his troubled village from the sorceress’ hold.