3 good websites to conjugate verbs in French

How to conjugate French verbs

French verbs and conjugation, a great challenge 🙂

Did you ever struggle with the French conjugation? Did you ever think that it makes no sense at all?

Is it “J’ai devu” or “J’ai dû”? (Devoir) —

Is it “Je voirrai” or “Je verrai”? (Voir) —

Or is it “J’achète” or “J’achete”? (Acheter) —

Fortunately, we have found 3 websites for you and your conjugation of verbs in French. The first one even offers an app you can add to your mobile phone!

  1. Va Te faire Conjuguer – Easy to use. Just write the verb you want to conjugate and voilà! All tenses for any verb only one click away.

How to conjugate French verbs


2. Conjugue Ta Mère – A website with more information about French verbs such as conjugation of course but also rules about tenses and how to use them.


3. Le Bescherelle – A classic. Every French family owns at least one Bescherelle book!

Conjugate a verb in French


Bonne conjugaison! 🙂