Direct verbs and pronouns in French (A2 / B1)

French direct verbs

Which pronouns for which verbs?

The  “pronoms compléments directs” (me, te, le/la/les/l’/nous, vous) are easier than they seem!

* They are used to replace a person or a thing introduced by a definite article (le, la, les, l’) or a possessive adjective (mon, ton, son…).

* They are used with “direct verbs”, i.e. between these verbs and the person (or thing), there is no “à” (regarder à quelqu’un, refuser à quelque chose, reconnaître à quelqu’un…)

* They are always before the verb.

Tu vois LA MER depuis ta fenêtre? —> Oui, je LA vois.

Il aide SA SŒUR qui rénove son appartement? —> Oui, il L’aide presque tous les jours (LE/LA + a / e /i / o / u —> L’)

Ils ont retrouvé LEUR CHIEN? —> Non, ils ne L’ont pas encore retrouvé.


When there are two verbs, they are placed between the two verbs:

Vous allez inviter VOS VOISINS? —> Oui, nous allons LES inviter.

Je peux poser MON SAC sur cette chaise? —> Oui, oui, vous pouvez LE poser là sans problème.


Their use is simple when you know if the verb is used with “à” or not. But then, what are these verbs?

Here is a list of 20 verbs you can get familiar with!



French direct verbs