Ask and tell the time in French (A1)

What time is it in French language

How to ask and tell the time in French (1)

To ask what time it is in French, there are different options:

  • Vous avez l’heure ? (to ask if you don’t know if the person you are talking to can give you the time)
  • Quelle heure est-il ? (formal)
  • Il est quelle heure ? (casual)

There are two different ways to tell the time:

  • The formal way (professional appointments, medical appointments, airports, administrations…)
  • The casual way (family, friends, colleagues…)

For each of these ways, your sentence will start with “Il est…”.


Il est 15h00 (formal).

Il est 3h00 (casual).



Time in French



A few objects for time  :

Une montre (watch)

Une horloge (clock)

Un portable (cellphone)

Un réveil (alarm clock)


Et chez vous, quelle heure est-il?


Drag and drop the right sentence on the clock. Then, check your answer!