“De” or “à”? For which verb?

Exercice to practice French verbs

Which one should you choose?

You may know that in French some verbs are used with other verbs without any preposition between them such as “aimer, adorer, préférer, détester, pouvoir, vouloir, devoir, aller…”.

In those cases, the second verb is never conjugated:

“Il peut PARLER français sans aucun accent.”

“Nous voulons RÉVISER ensemble.”

“J’aime de FAIRE du surf toute l’année.”

“Nous allons à DÎNER au restaurant ce soir.”

That’s the easy part! 🙂


For other verbs, you may have to choose between “de” and “à”. They are usually followed by another verb which is ALWAYS in the infinitive form.

Below are two posters we made with the most common French verbs used either with “de” or “à”.

—–> First one is a list with verbs.

—–> Second one is to practice those verbs.

French verbs with "de" and "à"

Exercice to practice French verbs

To summarize, when two verbs are used together the second one is always at the infinitive form! When it is followed by a preposition, you just need to pick the right one. 🙂

See you next week to check your answers for the exercise above!

Bonne semaine à tous! 🙂