How to say thank you in French

How to say thank you in French

A quick guide to say thank you in French!


M e r c i ” a short, simple word, quite easy to pronounce. Being able to show gratitude is essential for us and for those around us.

Thanking your neighbour, family, friends, employee or employer (…) goes a long way!


How to say thank you in French


** Merci **

“Merci”  is the classic way to say “thank you” in French. You can use it in all types of situations.


** Merci beaucoup **

When you feel a simple “merci”  would just not be enough, these are the right words to say.


** Merci d’avance **

Used to anticipate the thanks because we want/we know that what we are asking for will be accomplished. It can be taken for a command though.


** Merci de m’avoir aidé **

When you want to thank someone for something they did for you, you must use “merci de + verb”.


** Merci pour votre aide **

You can also use “merci pour + noun”  to thank them for something they did for you.


** C’est gentil de ta/votre part **

A bit like “merci beaucoup”. This is to show that you really appreciate what has been done for you.


** Je vous remercie **

If you wish to sound more formal when you thank someone, these are the words to use.


** Merci bien **

“Merci bien” is a genuine thank. It is also something you could say to a shopkeeper:

— “Un croissant s’il-vous-plaît.

— Voilà, et avec ceci?

— Ce sera tout, merci bien.”


With the right intonation, it will be perceived as ironic and could be replace by “non merci”:

— “Faire la cuisine pour une cinquantaine d’adolescents turbulents et ingrats , merci bien!”