How to express obligation in French with “Il faut”

How to express obligation in French

Il faut … Il ne faut pas…


How to express an obligation in French


Daily life, work, family, sport, travel… Everywhere and most of the time, we must face obligations.

To express them in French, there is of course the verb “devoir” but also the expression “il faut” followed by the infinitive. This structure is very easy to use!

You will never read or hear “je faut” ou “vous fallez“. This structure is always the same and is only used with “il”.

Take a verb with an infinitive, place it behind “il faut” and… voilà! 🙂

For example: “A la plage, il faut mettre de la crème solaire / Il faut jeter ses déchets à la poubelle / Il faut prendre un parasol / Il faut emporter une serviette de plage”


In the negative form: “Il ne faut pas oublier son pique-nique!”


Below are more examples to practice.

Have fun!

Il faut...