Our team

Our Outstanding and Dedicated Main Teachers

Stéphanie Houset – Director and French teacher

With 16 years of experienceshe still really enjoys teaching French as a foreign language (FLE).

After studying ESL in the USA for one year, she returned to France to specialize in French language teaching obtaining a Master in FLE. Since then, she taught French to adult learners both in France and in Australia.

Born and raised in Anglet, she grew up with her feet in the water and learned surfing when she was a kid. Passionate about French language and surfing, she founded SOFI 64 (Sud-Ouest French Institute 64) in 2011 to offer an intimate place to learn French and enjoy surfing.

Being a teacher and a director, she can identify and understand students needs and answer their queries with friendliness and professionalism.

Stéphanie’s other interests are hiking and photography.

She also studies German in order to stay closer to her students and to be able to put herself in their shoes as learners.

She speaks French, English, Spanish and has a good knowledge in Basque language.

French teacher in classroom
French teacher surfing
French teacher and dog hiking

Pauline De Bury – French Teacher
Born and raised in Nantes, Pauline studied foreign literature and specialized in teaching French as a foreign language (Master 2).
Then, she started teaching languages also in Nantes before moving to Australia and teach French as a foreign language.
From then on, she realized that teaching her mother tongue was a real passion, especially as it means playing board and card games while doing it.
She considers herself a very good representative of French cliché :
– she loves to cook and she eats baguette at every meal
– she can listen to Gainsbourg and Brassens and sing along for hours
– she is keen on folklore and tradition and could cry just by watching some fandango dances

Pauline, one of our French Teacher
Pauline teaching French

Our Talented Assistant

Thomas Birrer – Assistant

Born and raised in Switzerland (Luzern), Thomas visited Australia a few years ago in order to learn English. In 2017, he discovered Biarritz as a student in French. After studying French for 3 months, Thomas fell in love with French language and surfing. Initially IT administrator, he decided to go back to Biarritz in 2018 and started working as an assistant in his favorite French language school.

Thomas practices surfing, snowboarding, hiking and loves riding his bikes.

He speaks German, English and French.

Thomas Assistant
Our assistant surfing
Thomas in the mountains