Your French Language School in France

If you want to learn French in France for work, for your studies or just because you like French language and culture, we are always happy to help you.

Our French language school is for adults. We offer a complete range of engaging French courses giving also students the chance to live and study in the vibrant city of Biarritz.

Our group classes are up to 8 students maximum for best individual attention.

Ideally situated 5 minutes away by foot from Anglets beautiful beaches and just 5 minutes by bus from Biarritz in a charming and fully renovated house from the Fifties, we will provide you with quality French courses in an inspiring environment.

Make the best choice for your French and join us!


Adverbs in French language (A2)

Adverbs ending with “-ment” in French language   Adverbs are used to give a precision on the action that is performed. They usually answer the question “how?” and are placed behind the verb. Example: Il parle lentement. Elle travaille efficacement. Nous étudions régulièrement. Adverbs are invariable, i.e. their spelling does not change.   How to […]


Ask and tell the time in French (A1)

How to ask and tell the time in French (1) To ask what time it is in French, there are different options: Vous avez l’heure ? (to ask if you don’t know if the person you are talking to can give you the time) Quelle heure est-il ? (formal) Il est quelle heure ? (casual) […]