Your French Language School in France SOFI 64

If you want to learn French in France for work, for your studies or just because you like French language, we are happy to help you.

Our French language school offers a broad range of French courses giving students the chance to live and study in the colorful city of Biarritz. Ideally situated 5 minutes away by foot from Anglet‘s beautiful beaches and just 5 minutes by bus from Biarritz in a charming house from the Fifties, we will provide you with quality French courses in lovely surroundings.

Our group classes are up to 8 students maximum for best individual attention.

Make the best choice for your French and join us!


Learning French Grammar

French grammar can be fun to learn! To learn French, you can seat at your table writing sentences and completing written exercises. You can also join our school and learn French while speaking (still writing a little though) and … why not drawing? Working together, students can be inspired and make a great team work; […]


“De” or “à”? For which verb?

Which one should you choose? You may know that in French some verbs are used with other verbs without any preposition between them such as “aimer, adorer, préférer, détester, pouvoir, vouloir, devoir, aller…”. In those cases, the second verb is never conjugated: “Il peut PARLER français sans aucun accent.” “Nous voulons RÉVISER ensemble.” “J’aime de […]