Ecologically committed !

Eco-friendly french language school

Our school is an ecologically committed school

At SOFI 64, we teach French and we love it! We also love Nature!

That’s why we do our best to be ecologically committed… We believe that small things can make a difference!

We take in consideration multiple factors and concentrate our efforts on food, waste sortingcleaning

FOOD —-> We offer organic snacks on Fridays! Local and seasonal fruits or cakes we proudly bake or baguette and organic jam …

In our kitchen, you won’t find no plastic cups or plates!

RECYCLING —-> At school, there is a bin for almost every kind of garbage! Paper, toners, glass, cardboard and even organic waste such as coffee, raw vegetables and fruits…

CLEANING —-> Products we use to clean our premises are natural and organic.

BIODIVERSITY —-> We tried to add as many plants and grass wherever we could to help bees and other insects feed and gather pollen: lavender, thym, rosemary, heather, sage, raspberry bushes, chives… and more to come! 🙂 Link to some of these plants here.

VEGETABLES GARDEN —-> Our small vegetables garden is organic.

For both our gardens, we do not use any pesticide at all. Nature does it best!


If you have any eco-friendly suggestions, we will be glad to hear them out! Merci 🙂


Eco-friendly french language school