Masculine nouns in French

Masculine nouns in French

Masculine, don’t do the mistake anymore!

Masculine nouns in French


After a first poster for feminine nouns in French language, here is a second one for masculine nouns.


It is not always clear which word should be used with “le” or “la“, however, it is still possible to know the gender of nouns in some cases.


For example, nouns ending with “-ment” will always be masculine: le bâtiment | le médicament | un éclaircissement | un aboiement.

Others ending in “-age”, for example, will also always be masculine with a few exceptions though! You can therefore easily say “le fromage, le garage, le massage, le message, le blocage, le carambolage, le sondage, l’atterrissage, le décollage, le chômage…”

… but be careful with the following 5 words that are feminine: la page | la plage | la cage | une image | la rage.


And you, do you know of any other nouns that are masculine according to their endings? Can you complete the above poster with more masculine nouns?