November in Biarritz and Anglet

Sunset and Biarritz Lighthouse

Autumn in Biarritz and Anglet

We selected a few pictures from this past November. We were lucky enough to have warm (and also really cold 🙄 ) weather, rain and sun, waves and great colors! Sunsets were awesome, strolls were colorful, surfing was amazing!

Could we possibly ask for more?

Will you join us soon to learn French? 😉

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Sunset and Biarritz LighthouseSurfer in Anglet, NovemberSunset in Anglet, waves and surfers.Cabin, boat and lake in Biarritz.The city of Biarritz by NightClouds and sunset on Anglet.


2 thoughts on “November in Biarritz and Anglet

  1. Laura Biebel says:

    Si je devais choisir, je choisirais la troisième.. …ou la première? ou la deuxième? ou… 😉 ?! Toutes sont magnifiques 😛

    1. SOFI 64 says:

      Merci Madame!! J’espère que ça te rappelle des souvenirs! 😀

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