Essential topics for DELF A1 / A2 exams

French exam Preparation

What topics should be prepared for DELF A1 and DELF A2?

Do you want to officialize your level of French? You must present an official diploma attesting your level of French for a future employer, a school…?

You may be aware that there are 6 official levels:

* Beginner / Elementary : A1 / A2

* Usual / Intermediate : B1 / B2

* Advanced : C1 / C2 (DALF exam)

If you wish to pass the DELF A1 or A2, you will find on our poster the different themes essential to prepare


French exam Preparation


La ville —> It is necessary to know how to locate in space, to know the different means of transport, to give itineraries…

Les réseaux sociaux —> It is necessary to know how to express yourself during a simple telephone conversation and to know the vocabulary related to social networks and the Internet.

Entrer en contact —> You must know how to introduce yourself, greet people, give them personal information.

Les voyages —> You have to know how to write a simple postcard, talk about the weather, talk about your activities, destinations…

L’heure —> You have to know how to talk about schedules (shops, work…), your habits, your daily activities.

La famille —> You must be able to introduce your family.

Les vêtements —> It is necessary to know how to use the vocabulary of clothes and make purchases.

L’alimentation —> You must be able to shop, talk about your food preferences, order from a restaurant.


Next week, we will propose the essential themes for DELF B1 and DELF B2.

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